1. a096b91 svn-create-patch duplicates diffs when adding directories by jbedard@apple.com · 57 minutes ago master
  2. 98c995b REGRESSION: fast/events/watchos/double-tap-to-zoom* tests crashing in com.apple.WebKit: -[WKContentView(WKInteraction) _singleTapDidReset:] by commit-queue@webkit.org · 2 hours ago
  3. 9547fab [WHLSL] Move WHLSL tests to their own folder by mmaxfield@apple.com · 5 hours ago
  4. dd31102 [WebGPU] Convert GPUComputePipeline LOG statements to generate GPUErrors by justin_fan@apple.com · 5 hours ago
  5. 35516a5 Unreviewed, rolling out r247493. https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=199841 by commit-queue@webkit.org · 6 hours ago
  6. 7c1264d Prewarm font cache with more fonts by pvollan@apple.com · 7 hours ago
  7. b91bc90 Update WebContent Process sandbox based on user seed data by bfulgham@apple.com · 9 hours ago
  8. 48415a0 [macCatalyst] Do not include WebKitLegacy.h in WebKit.h by aestes@apple.com · 9 hours ago
  9. 47e1380 [WHLSL] Desugar for loops and while loops by rmorisset@apple.com · 9 hours ago
  10. 3d845b5 Web Inspector: Changes panel should be strictly LTR by nvasilyev@apple.com · 9 hours ago
  11. 7c69742 Fix build warning because of missing super_class initializer by commit-queue@webkit.org · 9 hours ago
  12. 8ce6636 NSTextFinder holes don't scroll with the page by timothy_horton@apple.com · 9 hours ago
  13. 5572d45 [iOS] Make sure the first camera device in the list is the front camera by youenn@apple.com · 10 hours ago
  14. 9fa8903 [GTK] Fix a build warning in JavaScriptCore/API/tests/testapi.c by commit-queue@webkit.org · 11 hours ago
  15. 1a04681 Remove "GraphicsContext 0x7ffd8765f6b0 stack changed by" logging by simon.fraser@apple.com · 11 hours ago
  16. de7e712 Speed up StorageManager::getValues() by cdumez@apple.com · 11 hours ago
  17. eb3127f Unreviewed, test262 gardening. by keith_miller@apple.com · 11 hours ago
  18. 86a62b4 [Text autosizing] [iPadOS] Paragraph text on the front page of LinkedIn.com is not boosted by wenson_hsieh@apple.com · 12 hours ago
  19. 0b566ae [ContentChangeObserver] Cancel ongoing content observation when tap is failed/cancelled by zalan@apple.com · 13 hours ago
  20. 005d5f3 New York font erroneously gets synthetic bold by mmaxfield@apple.com · 13 hours ago
  21. d10eb7e Remove support for beforeload on link=prefetch by commit-queue@webkit.org · 13 hours ago
  22. 4c8be17 Hop to main thread for release logging in RealtimeIncomingAudioSource by youenn@apple.com · 14 hours ago
  23. cdb78f7 [WPE][GTK] Improvements and fixes in FileSystemGlib.cpp by mcatanzaro@igalia.com · 21 hours ago
  24. 5088a8f Remove redundant WebsiteDataStoreConfiguration member by commit-queue@webkit.org · 23 hours ago
  25. a9c9e90 [macOS WK2] Layout Test http/tests/storageAccess/request-and-grant-access-then-navigate-cross-site-should-not-have-access.html is a flaky timeout by ryanhaddad@apple.com · 24 hours ago
  26. ecb8327 JSGlobalObject type macros should support feature flags and WeakRef should have one by keith_miller@apple.com · 25 hours ago
  27. 46eaebf Make WKURLSchemeTask thread safe https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=199764 by Hironori.Fujii@sony.com · 25 hours ago
  28. 632515e Unreviewed, rolling out r247444. by ryanhaddad@apple.com · 25 hours ago
  29. 0eb814e A Possible Issue of Object.create method by keith_miller@apple.com · 25 hours ago
  30. c1a746f outlook.live.com has odd viewport with edge gap by zalan@apple.com · 25 hours ago
  31. f9f3c29 Update test262 https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=199801 by keith_miller@apple.com · 25 hours ago
  32. 095943d [WHLSL] Matrix memory layout should match HLSL by laying out columns linearly by sbarati@apple.com · 25 hours ago
  33. c471ec2 [Text autosizing] [iPadOS] Product label text is clipped in portrait mode on the front page of sephora.com by wenson_hsieh@apple.com · 26 hours ago
  34. 1fe71aa [ Mojave WK1 ] Some Image tests are flakey failures and are failing in tandem with zoomed in or blank image results by commit-queue@webkit.org · 27 hours ago
  35. 06762f6 New York font erroneously gets synthetic bold by mmaxfield@apple.com · 28 hours ago
  36. 992b0c6 Unreviewed, rolling out r247462. https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=199816 by commit-queue@webkit.org · 28 hours ago
  37. 64ad482 Keyword lookup can use memcmp to get around unaligned load undefined behavior by commit-queue@webkit.org · 29 hours ago
  38. 3b8dd79 Source/WebCore: Fix builds where HAVE_DESIGN_SYSTEM_UI_FONTS is not defined. by mmaxfield@apple.com · 29 hours ago
  39. c2d746f Make WKURLSchemeTask thread safe. by beidson@apple.com · 29 hours ago
  40. 53b9530 Followup to r247439 by wenson_hsieh@apple.com · 30 hours ago
  41. 67cb660 Crash under DisplayRefreshMonitorManager::displayWasUpdated() by cdumez@apple.com · 30 hours ago
  42. 0a8d200 Unreviewed, a build fix after r247437 by jiewen_tan@apple.com · 30 hours ago
  43. 3640d4e [JSC] Improve wasm wpt test results by fixing miscellaneous issues by ysuzuki@apple.com · 31 hours ago
  44. bfd0114 MacCatalyst asserts when command key is raised by dino@apple.com · 31 hours ago
  45. 2498b91 [WebGL] Remove software rendering and simplify context creation on macOS by dino@apple.com · 31 hours ago
  46. 62cf60e Move more WebGL things into unified builds by dino@apple.com · 31 hours ago
  47. f0ef1e5 Add missing webgpu includes by krollin@apple.com · 32 hours ago
  48. 73155bc Versioning. by alancoon@apple.com · 32 hours ago
  49. 4589b08 Unreviewed, rolling out r247440. by mcatanzaro@igalia.com · 33 hours ago
  50. 5f5a602 Typing into a cell in a Google Sheet lags behind by one character by dbates@webkit.org · 33 hours ago
  51. 1dbf9ea Unreviewed, rolling out r247397, r247378, r247366. by ryanhaddad@apple.com · 33 hours ago
  52. 25f952f MathML WPT test for RadicalDegreeBottomRaisePercent fails by commit-queue@webkit.org · 33 hours ago
  53. a45353d [JSC] Improve wasm wpt test results by fixing miscellaneous issues by ysuzuki@apple.com · 34 hours ago
  54. 6b9979e [macOS 10.15] Cannot unbold selected text when the system font is used by wenson_hsieh@apple.com · 34 hours ago
  55. c3598d4 Enable a debug WebRTC mode without any encryption by youenn@apple.com · 34 hours ago
  56. e0edc5e [iOS] SOAuthorizationSession should tell AppSSO whether the UIClient is capable of showing the extension UI by jiewen_tan@apple.com · 34 hours ago
  57. c1c507b REGRESSION: Chase app crashes immediately after authentication by wenson_hsieh@apple.com · 34 hours ago
  58. 9da745b Web Inspector: AXI: Audit: Typos in Accessibility audits by commit-queue@webkit.org · 35 hours ago
  59. 0a86631 window.openDatabase is not writable by sihui_liu@apple.com · 36 hours ago
  60. bad337c [ews-build] Parse and display layout test failures by aakash_jain@apple.com · 2 days ago
  61. d68197c Unreviewed, attempt to fix production builds after r247403. by ryanhaddad@apple.com · 2 days ago
  62. bb7d63e Web Inspector: Device Settings: update Safari user agent from 12.2 to 13.0 by drousso@apple.com · 2 days ago
  63. 43434f0 Filter SDP c lines https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=199791 by youenn@apple.com · 2 days ago
  64. a6edbe4 naver.com: Video stops when tapping on the video to use buttons by zalan@apple.com · 2 days ago
  65. 705433a Unreviewed, rolling out r247393. https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=199797 by commit-queue@webkit.org · 2 days ago
  66. d5bc862 [GTK] GitHub breaks on FreeBSD because of "unsupported browser" by mcatanzaro@igalia.com · 2 days ago
  67. 80b165a Concurrent GC should not rely on current phase to determine if it's safe to steal conn by tzagallo@apple.com · 2 days ago
  68. 6f08ee5 Add threading assertion to WeakPtrFactory::createWeakPtr() by cdumez@apple.com · 2 days ago
  69. f55c8d5 WebGL not supported on WKWebView on UIKit for Mac by dino@apple.com · 2 days ago
  70. 2ab9dfa [Text autosizing] [iPadOS] Further adjust our heuristics to determine text autosizing candidates by wenson_hsieh@apple.com · 3 days ago
  71. 615a3e0 Don't do async overflow scrolling for visibility:hidden scrollers by simon.fraser@apple.com · 3 days ago
  72. 59a119a [WHLSL] Return statements don't need to keep track of the function they're in by rmorisset@apple.com · 3 days ago
  73. 49c8fd1 Add accessibility support to WKDataListSuggestionsView. by commit-queue@webkit.org · 3 days ago
  74. a51c800 Drop non thread-safe usage of WeakPtr in VideoFullscreenInterfaceAVKit by cdumez@apple.com · 4 days ago
  75. 54e841e Cannot bring up custom media controls at all on v.youku.com by zalan@apple.com · 4 days ago
  76. 43b018b Fix non thread-safe usage of makeWeakPtr() in MediaPlayerPrivateAVFoundation by cdumez@apple.com · 4 days ago
  77. d6ceefd [Cocoa] -loadFileURL:allowingReadAccessToURL: should fully resolve file URLs by aestes@apple.com · 4 days ago
  78. 8ae2c86 [ews-build] Remove wincairo queue from old EWS and dashboard by aakash_jain@apple.com · 4 days ago
  79. 8903dd4 [ews-build] Enable wincairo queue on new EWS by aakash_jain@apple.com · 4 days ago
  80. 55c462f Turn off two finger gestures for editable non-scaled content by megan_gardner@apple.com · 4 days ago
  81. 934c489 SOAuthorizationSession::presentViewController should check WebPageProxy::isClosed() by jiewen_tan@apple.com · 4 days ago
  82. 5a38cbb Increase JSValue cage size on iOS and reduce the max slide by keith_miller@apple.com · 4 days ago
  83. 2c5396a [ews-app] Enable logging for clicking SubmitToEWS button by aakash_jain@apple.com · 4 days ago
  84. 104b518 [GStreamer] Mock GStreamer realtime sources should keep a Ref of their mock realtime media sources by commit-queue@webkit.org · 4 days ago
  85. 6426f5e Web Inspector: Changes: dismissing a blank property makes style rule to show in Changes panel by nvasilyev@apple.com · 4 days ago
  86. 98b39cb Web Inspector: Elements: always show all navigation bar items, but disable those that wouldn't work by drousso@apple.com · 4 days ago
  87. 10c4dd8 Enable client certificate authentication unit test by commit-queue@webkit.org · 4 days ago
  88. 8c3835b Add API to get all the dependencies of a given JSScript by keith_miller@apple.com · 4 days ago
  89. 437f2c5 Begin unifying TestWebKitAPI build by commit-queue@webkit.org · 4 days ago
  90. 8d1256b Begin unifying WebKitLegacy sources by commit-queue@webkit.org · 4 days ago
  91. 6c35688 Regression(macOS Catalina): Cannot quick look html documents in Mail by cdumez@apple.com · 4 days ago
  92. e6f6a3d Change RELEASE_ASSERT in DocumentWriter::addData to ASSERT and early return by commit-queue@webkit.org · 4 days ago
  93. a517ad7 [iOS WK2] Can't place caret or select in content that overflows a contenteditable element by simon.fraser@apple.com · 4 days ago
  94. e6a2d2f [WebGPU] Move error scopes out of GPUDevice for more portable error generation by justin_fan@apple.com · 4 days ago
  95. 0a4258a WebBackForwardListItem::setPageState should receive pageState by rvalue reference by mcatanzaro@igalia.com · 4 days ago
  96. 109ff76 Add release logging for quota checks by youenn@apple.com · 4 days ago
  97. 42e436e Remove unneeded variable in LocalStorageNamespace::getOrCreateStorageArea by youenn@apple.com · 4 days ago
  98. c6a7a2f run-javascriptcore-tests won't report test results for testmasm, testair, testb3, testdfg and test api by commit-queue@webkit.org · 4 days ago
  99. e4ea20a Connection::waitForSyncReply() uses wall time clock for timeout by commit-queue@webkit.org · 4 days ago
  100. 1a8a24f Stopping a cloned MediaStream video track should not stop any other video track by youenn@apple.com · 4 days ago