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HTML manglizer
Copyright (C) 2004 by Michal Zalewski <>
A trivial utility to automatically check for HTML parsing flaws. Generates
a basic set of badly mangled tags on request, with auto-refresh back to the
script, so that you can point a browser to it once, and let it run until
it crashes.
Put it in your cgi-bin directory or any other Apache folder with ExecCGI option
enabled, then visit the URL http://<yourserver>/<cgidir>/mangleme.cgi.
When the browser crashes, error-log should be examined for the last matching
entry generated by mangle.cgi; extract the hexadecimal value, then invoke
remangle.cgi?hex_value from the browser again. If it crashes, you've reproduced
the problem, and can save the remangle.cgi page using wget or such.
Check gallery/ for some samples.