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set -e
cd "$(dirname "$0")/../../Source/ThirdParty/ANGLE"
regenerate_changes_diff() {
echo "Regenerating changes.diff."
# Exclude WebKit-added build files from the diff.
git diff "$1" --cached -b --ignore-cr-at-eol -- . \
':(exclude)ChangeLog' \
':(exclude)ANGLE.plist' \
':(exclude)ANGLE.xcodeproj' \
':(exclude)Configurations' \
':(exclude)**CMakeLists.txt' \
':(exclude)*.cmake' \
':(exclude)adjust-angle-include-paths*' \
':(exclude)changes.diff' \
':(exclude)' \
':(exclude)src/angle_commit.h' \
':(exclude)Makefile' \
':(exclude)src/empty.cpp' \
':(exclude)third_party/zlib/google/compression_utils_portable*' \
':(exclude)**.DS_Store' \
':(exclude)' \
':(exclude)WebKitBuild' \
> changes.diff
if [ ! -z "$1" ] ; then
if [ "$1" = "--regenerate-changes-diff" ] ; then
echo "Regenerating Source/ThirdParty/ANGLE/changes.diff"
PREVIOUS_ANGLE_COMMIT_HASH=$(grep -m 1 -o -E "[a-z0-9]{40}" ANGLE.plist)
rm -rf .git
git init
git remote add origin
git fetch --depth 1 origin "$PREVIOUS_ANGLE_COMMIT_HASH"
git add -A
regenerate_changes_diff "$PREVIOUS_ANGLE_COMMIT_HASH"
rm -rf .git
cat changes.diff
echo "Success."
exit 0
echo "Unrecognized argument: $1"
exit 1
echo "This script helps you update the copy of ANGLE in Source/ThirdParty/ANGLE"
echo "with the latest changes from upstream, without clobbering WebKit's local"
echo "changes."
if ! which git-filter-repo > /dev/null; then
echo "Please install git-filter-repo from"
echo "git-filter-repo is recommended by the git project itself as a better"
echo "alternative to the built-in git filter-branch."
exit 1
in_rebase() {
test -d .git && { test -d "$(git rev-parse --git-path rebase-merge)" || test -d "$(git rev-parse --git-path rebase-apply)"; } ;
wait_for_rebase_to_complete() {
if ! in_rebase; then
return 1
echo "For patches that have been upstreamed, you should choose the 'ours' version,"
echo "and the resulting commits after rebase should be mostly empty. For patches"
echo "that haven't been upstreamed, resolve conflicts prioritizing 'theirs' when"
echo "possible to preserve WebKit's changes."
echo "The script will pause now. Please complete the rebase, then come back and"
echo "press Enter to continue:"
read -r
while in_rebase && ! GIT_EDITOR=true git rebase --continue; do
echo "Rebase still in progress. Complete the rebase and press Enter to continue:"
read -r
cleanup_after_successful_rebase_and_exit() {
regenerate_changes_diff "origin/master"
git --no-pager diff -b --cached "$LAST_ROLL_COMMIT_HASH" -- Compiler.cmake GLESv2.cmake
echo "Rebase complete!"
echo "Above are the changes to Compiler.cmake and GLESv2.cmake."
echo "Now you'll need to apply the equivalent changes to the ANGLE XCode"
echo "project and make sure it builds. Please examine changes.diff and"
echo "undo any unintentional changes or unnecessary added files."
echo "You can examine the rebased history in the temporary git repository in"
echo "Source/ThirdParty/ANGLE to see where changes came from."
echo "This script will pause now. Press Enter to continue when you're"
echo "done. The script will regenerate changes.diff and delete the"
echo "temporary git repository in Source/ThirdParty/ANGLE."
echo "Press Enter to continue after fixing build:"
read -r
regenerate_changes_diff "origin/master"
echo "Removing temporary git repository from Source/ThirdParty/ANGLE"
rm -rf .git
git add -A .
echo "ANGLE update is now staged. Ready to commit and upload patch."
exit 0
if wait_for_rebase_to_complete ; then
if [ -n "$(git status -s .)" ] ; then
git status -s .
echo "Error: ANGLE directory Source/ThirdParty/ANGLE has local uncommitted"
echo "changes. Please stash your changes first and start with a clean"
echo "checkout of WebKit master."
exit 1
PREVIOUS_ANGLE_COMMIT_HASH=$(grep -m 1 -o -E "[a-z0-9]{40}" ANGLE.plist)
cd ../../..
echo "Creating WebKit branch that only contains ANGLE changes, using git-filter-repo."
echo "This may take a few minutes, but massively speeds up rebasing later."
git branch -f just-angle master && git-filter-repo --refs refs/heads/just-angle --path Source/ThirdParty/ANGLE --path-rename Source/ThirdParty/ANGLE/: --force
echo "Downloading latest ANGLE via git clone."
# Remove all files including hidden ones, but not . or ..
rm -rf ..?* .[!.]* ./*
git clone --branch master .
echo "Successfully downloaded latest ANGLE."
echo "Commit hash: "
COMMIT_HASH=$(git rev-parse HEAD)
echo ""
echo "Generating angle_commit.h"
./src/ gen src/angle_commit.h.TEMP
echo "Applying WebKit's local ANGLE changes to the old ANGLE version."
echo "Fetching WebKit changes into ANGLE repo."
git remote add webkit ../../.. -t just-angle
git fetch webkit
git checkout just-angle
PREVIOUS_ANGLE_COMMIT_HASH=$(grep -m 1 -o -E "[a-z0-9]{40}" ANGLE.plist)
LAST_ROLL_COMMIT_HASH=$(git log --format="%H" -1 ANGLE.plist)
echo "Updating ANGLE.plist commit hashes."
sed -i.bak -e "s/\([^a-z0-9]\)[a-z0-9]\{40\}\([^a-z0-9]\)/\1$COMMIT_HASH\2/g" ANGLE.plist
echo "Updating ANGLE.plist date."
sed -i.bak -e "s/<string>[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]-[0-9][0-9]-[0-9][0-9]<\/string>/<string>$(date +%Y-%m-%d)<\/string>/g" ANGLE.plist
rm ANGLE.plist.bak
echo "Translating gni build files to cmake."
git checkout origin/master -- src/compiler.gni src/libGLESv2.gni src/libANGLE/renderer/d3d/
./ src/compiler.gni Compiler.cmake
./ src/libGLESv2.gni GLESv2.cmake
./ src/libANGLE/renderer/d3d/ D3D.cmake --prepend 'src/libANGLE/renderer/d3d/'
./ src/libANGLE/renderer/gl/ GL.cmake --prepend 'src/libANGLE/renderer/gl/'
./ src/libANGLE/renderer/metal/ Metal.cmake --prepend 'src/libANGLE/renderer/metal/'
git checkout src/compiler.gni src/libGLESv2.gni
echo "Moving angle_commit.h into place"
mv src/angle_commit.h.TEMP src/angle_commit.h
git add -A .
git commit -m "Updated ANGLE.plist, angle_commit.h and cmake files."
# Graft the WebKit commit history on top of the ANGLE commit history at
# the point of the last ANGLE roll. This will allow us to rebase just
# the WebKit changes since the last roll on top of ANGLE master.
# Rebase the WebKit commit history on top of ANGLE master.
git checkout -b rebased-webkit-changes
echo "Rebasing WebKit's local changes on latest ANGLE master."
if ! git rebase origin/master; then
echo "There is now a temporary git repo in Source/ThirdParty/ANGLE with a"
echo "rebase in progress. You must resolve the merge conflict and continue"
echo "the rebase. Make sure to do this in the temporary"
echo "Source/ThirdParty/ANGLE repo, not the main WebKit repo."