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<h4>Test 1 - Check for hang (was bug #4836034)</h4>
<li>open this in Blot or Safari</li>
<li>click before the word "One" in the editable text, below</li>
<li>repeatedly type cmd-; to advance to the next misspelling</li>
<li>confirm that you can wrap back to the first misspelling without hanging</li>
<h4>Test 2 - Check that markings are retained (was bug #4204892)</h4>
<li>turn on Check Spelling as You Type from Edit-&gt;Spelling menu</li>
<li>click on each of the misspelled words in the line at the bottom of this page</li>
<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;(result should be that each misspelled word now has a red squiggly line below it)
<li>control-click on &#147;foor&#148; in that sentence</li>
<li>select a corrected spelling from the popup, e.g.&#147;four&#148;</li>
<li>make sure that no other misspellings lost their red squiggly underline</li>
<div contenteditable>
One twwo three foor five siz seven
<div>eight nine ten</div>