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window.log = function(message)
document.getElementById("log").innerText += message + "\n";
function childLoaded()
log("Child window loaded.");
function start()
window.childWindow ="iframe-reparenting-close-window-child.html", "_blank");
window.childWindow.addEventListener("load", childLoaded, false);
<p>This test recreates scenario when an iframe is reparented from one page to another using 'live iframe transfer'
(with adoptNode() used on the iframe right before re-parenting into the other page's DOM tree).
Then the original page is closed, destroying some internal objects that are associated with the top frame/page/WebVeiw.</p>
<p>In Chromium, this destroys the underlying NotificationPresenter object which is associated with the Page, and as a result, the use of webkitNotification object from JavaScript can crash the browser or return bogus results ('use-after-delete').
Open this test in Chromium and click the button to start the test. If the test doesn't crash, and prints expected results, the bug is not regressed.</p>
<button onclick="start()">Start test</button>
<pre id="log"></pre>