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var logWin = window.parent.opener;
logWin.log('Initializing Iframe');
var notificationCenter = null;
function test() {
notificationCenter = window.webkitNotifications;
logWin.log("Before transfer: checkPermission returned (should be 1): " + notificationCenter.checkPermission());
setTimeout("window.parent.transferIframe();", 5000); // Wait long enough for Chrome popup blocker to release the window so it can actually close.
function testAfterClose()
logWin.log("After transfer: checkPermission returned (should be 2): " + notificationCenter.checkPermission());
window.finish = function() {
logWin.log("After transfer, the checkPermission call is accessing a destroyed object and can return invalid value or crash, depending on circumstances.");
setInterval(testAfterClose, 1000); // Do it several times in a row, it'll crash after 1-3 times
<body onload=test()>