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var theWindow;
function step1()
theWindow ="./resources/containsAnimatedGif.html", "x");
setTimeout(step2, 100);
function step2()
{"about:blank", "x");
setTimeout(step3, 100);
function step3()
theWindow ="./resources/containsAnimatedGif.html");
setTimeout(step4, 500);
function step4()
<p>This page tests the fix for <br>
<a href="rdar://problem/6978362">rdar://problem/6978362</a> Repro crash animating GIF if previously used in a closed window's back/forward list <br>
<a href="">Bug 26568</a> <br>
<ul><li>run the LayoutTest's webserver (WebKitTools/run-webkit-httpd)</ul>
<p>Then click this button: <input type="button" value="Run test" onclick="step1()">
<p>Expected results:<br>
<li>A window will open, loading a page with an animated gif.</li>
<li>about:blank will be loaded in that window, putting the animated gif in the back/forward cache.</li>
<li>That window will close.</li>
<li>A new window will open, loading that page with the animated gif</li>
<li>No crash means test passed </li>
<span style="color:green;" id="results"></span>