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New WebKitBot implementation for WebKit Slack #changes and #dev channels. This node.js app has two bot features, WKR and WebKitBot. WKR is fetching RSS feed periodically, extracting data from that, and posting them to #changes channel. WebKitBot is an interactive bot in #dev to serve revert feature for you without clobbering your WebKit working copy.

Steps to run

  1. Run npm install to install libraries
  2. Put .env file, which should include five parameters. See “Configuration” section below.
  3. Run npm start


Put .env file including the followings.

slackURL="<Slack Endpoint URL>"
SLACK_TOKEN="<Slack API Token>"
webkitBugzillaPassword="<commit-queue's password>"

How to test

  • Test via npm test.
  • Lint via npm run lint.


The lastest posted revision data is stored in data/ directory. You can clean up state if you remove files in data/.