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<title>Test for</title>
<!-- Manual test for
Ensure that the value and defaultValue on a textarea is restored correctly when
we restore form state (e.g. by hitting back after submitting a form). -->
<h2>Manual test for</h2>
<p>To run this test:</p>
<li>Change the text in the &lt;textarea&gt; below.</li>
<li>Submit the form. The form should navigate back immediately.</li>
<li>Note that the value in the text area matches what you entered before submitting the form, this is correct.</li>
<li>Now click the reset button for the form.
<li>The text in the &lt;textarea&gt; should now match '123', the default text for the &lt;textarea&gt;.</li>
<iframe src="resources/textarea-form-back-on-submit.html" width="800" height="200" id="frame"></iframe>