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<!DOCTYPE html>
Test select on elements with same beginning letter
See bug:<a href="">28205</a>.
Click the drop-down to show selections (not navigate to the selection box).
Type the first letter 'A' to go to the elements start with 'A'.
It should select the first item starts with 'A'.
In windows, Continue typing 'A', it should continue to select the next item starts with 'A'.
<select name="selOrigin">
<option value="">Select Station</option>
<option value="37169_NJCL">Aberdeen Matawan</option>
<option value="2_ATLC">Absecon</option>
<option value="3_MNBN">Allendale</option>
<option value="4_NJCL">Allenhurst</option>
<option value="12_MNE">Basking Ridge</option>
<option value="13_NJCL">Bay Head</option>
<option value="14_BNTN">Bay Street</option>
<option value="15_NJCL">Belmar</option>