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function testFunction()
function showAlert()
alert("Test completed.");
<p>Test for <a href="">Bug 31252: Web Inspector: Debugger shortcuts (F8, F10, F11) have no effect if the Console view is open</a>.</p>
<p>To test, open the Inspector and start a debugging session. Open the Console view (press Esc or click the "Show console" button in the status bar) and make sure it is focused (the cursor is blinking in the text prompt.)
Set a breakpoint inside testFunction() (on the showAlert() call) and press F8. Now click the Test button in the page. The execution should stop on an HTML line containing <b>onclick="testFunction()"</b>. Press F8. The execution should stop on the breakpoint.
Press F11, F10, F11 sequentially. You should see the "Test completed." alert dialog ONLY after the last keypress.</p>
<button onclick="testFunction()">Test</button><br><br>