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<title>NPN_Invoke() test</title>
<object width="0" height="0" type="test/npn-invoke">
<!-- Fallback content to describe how to run the test -- />
<p>You do not have the &quot;NPN_Invoke&quot; plugin installed. Before you run this test:</p>
<li>Build the included Xcode project, &quot;NPN_Invoke.xcodeproj&quot;.</li>
<li>Copy the built plugin (NPN_Invoke.plugin) to /Library/Internet Plug-Ins.</li>
<li>Restart Safari.</li>
<p>This tests NPN_Invoke(), part of the Netscape Plugin API scripting interface.</p>
<p>To verify, you must run this test with JavaScript enabled and then repeat the test with JavaScript disabled.</p>
<h4>JavaScript enabled</h4>
<p style="color: green">Success: An alert dialog is shown with the message &quot;Success!&quot;</p>
<p style="color: red">Failure: No alert dialog is shown, or the message is not &quot;Success!&quot;</p>
<h4>JavaScript disabled</h4>
<p style="color: green">Success: No alert dialog is shown, and Safari remains open (does not crash).</p>
<p style="color: red">Failure: An alert dialog is shown, or Safari crashes.</p>